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Metal structures

Metalna konstrukcija Due to their various purposes there are numerous challenges in design, calculation, fabrication and assembly of metal structures. Depending on the type of construction, external loads, stresses and the degree of danger posed to human life or the environment, materials chosen for the construction must meet all criteria mentioned above and all additional restrictions set by structural engineers..

Kovinoelektra d.o.o. offers the service of manufacturing and mounting of metal structures. Depending of the case we can also provide the service of structural analysis and design of metal structure. At the request of investor, better aesthetics and additional corrosion protection of the metal structure can be obtained by applying electrostatic powder coating. In all phases of construction Kovinoelektra d.o.o. follows project documentation, acts in accordance with international standards and follows all procedures prescribed for preparation, connection and protection of construction materials used in process.

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